What Exactly Is A Solar Charger AND How To Save Money?

In the simplest term, a solar charger is a solar panel that comes with a battery pack. It is often available in a single unit with the capability of collecting and storing solar energy in a battery.

One of the best features of a solar charger is that it allows anyone to recharge or power electrical devices such as power tools, laptops, TVs, radios, and a lot more using the battery pack. Again, the solar power comes with a battery pack either sold together or as a single unit. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about cables, compatibility, voltages, watts, or anything of the same sort. You also do not have to worry about whether or not the set up will work.

Benefits of a Solar Charger

  • Save money while using a natural resource
  • Easily used just about anytime and anyplace
  • Great for camping or traveling
  • Many are light weight and carried very easily
  • Most are sturdy and waterproof
  • Efficient in colder climates
  • No harmful emissions
  • Environmental friendly


One of the disadvantages of using solar panel is that the supply of power is not constant, since the collection of energy stops when the sun sets and even on a very sunny day, clouds can block and limit the amount of solar energy collected. When the solar energy being collected by the solar panels is decreased, it would momentarily reduce or decrease the amount of electricity produced by the solar charger. However, if the electrical equipment is being charged in a battery pack, the momentary drop in solar energy will only affect the battery and not the electrical equipment.

Aside from the steady flow of electricity, another advantage of using a solar charger is that it allows you to use solar energy any time, day or night, regardless of the availability of sunlight or weather conditions. You simply have to charge your solar charger during the daylight hours and use the battery only during the night, when the solar energy is not available.

Two Important Factors To Remember When Planning To Use A Solar Charger

1.  The capability of the battery pack to power or recharge the device you have.

2.  How long it would take the solar panel to fully charge the battery pack.

Once you determine the capability of the battery pack to recharge the device you have as well as the time it would take the solar panel to fully charge the battery pack, you can decide whether the solar charger you are planning to buy is the right one or not. If it’s not, don’t be too worried because there are now a wide range of plug-n-play and ready to go solar charger systems in the market to suit your needs. A solar charger is a great way to enjoy the benefits of using solar energy at a very affordable price.